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Time stood still

A colour slide from Istanbul, Turkey, 1997
Belgrade Woods, Istanbul, Turkey, April 1997 © by Armagan Tekdoner
A colour slide from Istanbul, Turkey, 1997
Belgrade Woods, Istanbul, Turkey, February 1997 © by Armagan Tekdoner

Self-Assignments, Commercial Photography, Publications

Each THUMBNAIL below is a LINK that opens its own gallery in a separate window. No interactive features have been installed that may overshadow the works. All projects are presented on static, single-page files.
Click on a pic to visit its gallery and then just close it.

We categorically reject the publically-available-private-information concept and are not obsessed with "declarative ownerships", such as claiming copyright for an Eiffel Tower photo. Just enjoy the section with no strings attached! It is absolutely FREE to copy images from this section in order to use them with or without credit title, regardless of who you are or what your purpose is.

However, please be advised that:

These are optimised-for-web images. So, do not expect great results after you resave them.

We do not have the right to license you for the use of some photos which display the products of corporate customers. Faces that do not belong to us, obviously have their own rights. Properties that are not our own, might have their own copyright holders. To be on the safe side, just follow the common sense: one can easily tell which photos are safer-to-use. For example, the Belgrade Woods tree you see above will never cause a problem but I would be especially cautious about using images of humans.

Armagan Tekdoner, photographer


These sets of on-location shots are primarily about their locations: professionally-taken photos with no commercial agenda.

ANKARA, from inside by an insider
ISTANBUL, our home town
PARIS: un peu, toujours, jamais
BODRUM is more than a summer resort
BELEK, wild was the wind, especially then
CAPPADOCIA, a wonderland
Orient Express(!)
ORIENT EXPRESS(!) with its actual passengers
Abandoned Places
ABANDONED PLACES, once favourite spots
Bogazici University
BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY, Armagan's beloved school
Turkish shores
SHORES, time-exposure effect on water
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Commercial Photography

Samples from commercial photography projects. We used to be specialised in large format photography.
None of this works would have been possible without the expert photographer Mehmet Ali Sagbili's starring role.

Designer Kitchens
Ceramic Tiles
Designer Bathrooms


The story of our legendary postcards from 1988 and the characters of our novels published in 2000's.

PHYSICAL POSTCARDS from the Turkish Riviera
Fictional Characters
FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: who is who in Armagan's books?
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