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Portrait from April Rain series
Boğaziçi University, April Rain series | April 1990 © Armagan Tekdoner

Photography: Commercial and Fine Art

PHOTOGRAPHY section comprises purely original works. Samples are made available in separate galleries, which are absolutely free to use. A few high-resolution downloads are provided as well.

Black and White print from Paris, France, 1980
Paris, France, 1980. Vie de bohème, le Marais. © by Armagan Tekdoner

Liked the above photo? Here is a huge .jpeg version (7.45mb, 7200px X 5000px) of it. DOWNLOAD

Crime Fiction: Stories, Novels, Scripts, Synopses

LITERATURE section provides both published and unpublished "ideas". There are free .pdf downloads, links to publishers, and more.
Below is the introduction of a story:

by Armagan Tekdoner

Any Casanova might have guessed there was something fishy about our ad, when it showed up among the personals, on the net. However, even the real insider could not have envisaged its catastrophic consequences at all.

Man seeking his woman, New York City. Amateur science-fiction screenwriter from Manhattan, 29, is in search of a special soul mate to share his future. Well, this is me, the Lufthansa pilot in the picture. As for you, adventurous character is a must.

In fact, I was regularly seeking women. The science was true, the fiction was false, the writer was me and there was nothing amateurish. I owned a Manhattan apartment but most of my time was spent on a pacific island, busy with production. I was not 29. One cannot be 29 at the age of 61...

Web Coding

Purely hand-coded websites (such as this) or fully customised database-driven content management systems, using technologies such as Drupal or WordPress.
There is a separate and comprehensive WEB DEVELOPMENT website that displays Armagan's coding skills, which is intended for the industry professionals. Lists today's great inventors, shows tricks, provides in-depth college assignments, and comprises working examples.

PHP is a better-designed technology than the other server-side scripting languages. At least it does not use redundant commands such as runat="server" while knowing full well that it is already running at the server and that there was no other option available.
— Albert EINSTEIN, Frankfurger Zallgemeine

Here is an animation at your service:

Experimentation Board

There are essays, images, codes and news in the DRAFTS page which serves as a lab. Its content is more frequently updated.

Tekdoner Family

All ABOUT us.

Ege, graduation ceremony, 2019
Gatineau, Canada | June, 2019 | Us, at Ege's graduation ceremony from IB middle-year programme
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