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Tekdoner family dining, 2019
Dining room | Gatineau, Quebec | February 2019 © by Armagan Tekdoner


Portrait of Armagan TEKDONER
Armagan TEKDONER | Gatineau | Quebec | Canada | 2019

Armagan's Credentials

Armagan Tekdoner's Web Accessibility Specialist Certificate Armagan Tekdoner's College Diploma in Web Development Armagan Tekdoner's Graduate Certificate in Web Development Armagan Tekdoner's University Degree in Business Management

Languages: Turkish, English, and French

Accessibility Analyst @ the Federal Government of Canada

Web Developer | Bygone Photographer | Sporadic Writer

, ,

Early Childhood of a Single Child

I was born in 1960, in downtown Ankara / Turkey.
I probably received more parental love and intellectual support than the vast majority of toddlers could, but even that could not prevent me from becoming the sicko that I am.
Reading, writing, playing chess (thanks to my father who was a very good player), and swimming were the skills I acquired before grade 1. On the flip side of the coin, there were fierce parental fights I witnessed too closely and serious asthmatic crises I survived.

No, sir! I was no model kid. Rallying neighbourhood boys to start fires in vacant lots at the age of 6, setting harmless but annoying booby traps made up of explosive cork on the streets, or aimlessly wandering outside the neighbourhood all alone at the age of 7 until getting lost, were among my habits.

Elementary School Ordeal

My father was ecstatic when I was admitted to the only real English immersion school available in Ankara then, TED Ankara Koleji, in 1969.

The curriculum might have been strong, but classes hardly mattered to me. I would rather play chess (at a good amateur level at the age of 9), read and re-read series (such as Fantômas by Allain and Souvestre), and do audio recordings at the age of 10.
My sharing of mock-heroic poetry I was writing with my classmates or organising peashooter & slingshot combats, were not among appreciated activities. I was making the favourite topic during parents' meetings: other kids' parents were usually being warned against me. Evidently and thankfully, the brightest kids' parents never took action.

And one November day, we were 2: my mother and me.(Loss of my father… I am still haunted by that emergency room scene and still remember the desperateness that would consume me for the next few years to come, while typing these today. Who would not be dying for a chance to apologise for everything he has done wrong to his passed away father?)

My grades dropped further. But at least I became the second at school in the chess tournament the champion (whose grades were sky-high) and I organised at grade 8. I was also a fast sprinter (100 m / 12.9s), a considerably good swimmer, a semi-serious table tennis player who joined the school team trainings despite being officially eliminated by the coach, an amateur scenarist with one co-author who would be institutionalised later, and a "student who could never be taught to behave like a student," as one instructor would later put at grade 10.

High School Prolongé: TED Ankara Lisesi

Courses were no longer passable without even knowing which textbooks they were associated with. Moreover, the previous year's girls, less interested in me than ever, were even more beautiful.

I reciprocated my fate with playing even more chess, (was head of the high school chess club at grade 10) and by reading more non-course related books.

While frantically trying to make ends meet, my single mom was simply unable to cope with me. As an attempt to protect her own mental health, she opted out of all parents' meetings. She would not / could not supervise me at all, which was perhaps the most radical decision that would make me the existentialist I am.

I allocated the majority of my time to taking photos of my schoolmates during the days by the advanced SLR camera I made my mother buy, and to developing films / enlarging photos in my own darkroom at nights. Activities were: David Bowie to be played at maximum volume, wining during sleepovers with my overgrown schoolboy cronies, selling the photos of my schoolmates to them, reading existentialist French literature extensively, and variations of the Queen's Gambit. I was fully and carefully utilising the maximum number of days allowed for nonattendance and a juxtaposition of disciplinary warning letters from the school administration was decorating my room. (In fact, all my punishable acts could simply be described as voicing unpopular views, none of which would trigger a letter in developed nations.)

Ankara was over in 1978: my mother and I relocated to Istanbul.

Bogazici University, aka Heaven on Earth

If there was one major feature of the Turkish education system I owed my existence to, it was the central university entrance exam that accounted for the 100% of the requirements. (To be more precise, all high school marks were totally ignored and the final score from that one exam was heavily based on a section called general aptitude.)
My proud mother was not surprised at all. She thought it was the outcome of her very own way of raising a kid with only love and no punishment. I was admitted to Bogazici University, the most difficult-to-enter institution then and now.

Bogazici would shape my perspective permanently. Courses proved to be extremely difficult and I realised very soon that much brighter people than myself were all around. I gave myself a break and made my way to Paris/France. This brief encounter with civilisation was certainly a milestone and my approach to learning was transformed. Upon my return, I gradually became a better student while playing in the official chess team of the university and heading the photography club. Another life-changing event would be an early marriage with one of my schoolmates: an extraordinarily gifted psychology student.

Marriage Premier

As one of the first married couples among our peers, we started performing La Bohème in a historical, stove-heated Beyoglu apartment. I was the would-be photographer and she would be the woman-behind, who would make a success story happen. There, in that Genoese setting, I mastered darkroom skills, won several photography awards, and we (I barely, she with honours) graduated from Bogazici University.

Driving our recently-bought 13-year-old Peugeot 504, we travelled extensively. We made summer resorts our main destinations during wintertime. (Call it folie à deux, I still think the reminiscence of those extended stays at less-than-budget pensions, is what will always make me grateful that I was born.) I was taking seascape and landscape photographs while she was doing all the backend jobs.

We freelanced hard and our balance sheet was improving. Accomplished projects included 40 vacation villages photographed, thousands of Kodachrome slides archived, 500,000 postcards and 5,000 posters sold in the Southwest Aegean shores of Turkey. (At this point, please allow me to skip my 3-month military service nightmare no human should be exposed to. It was no better than Memoirs from the House of The Dead by Dostoevsky.). Then, that Desert Shield thing happened. Perhaps no WMD could be found, but it certainly interrupted the Turkish tourism industry in 1990.
I moulted into an advertisement photographer and she became an IBMer.

The transition was advancing slowly but surely. Her emotional and material contribution during the hardest years (until the day I would acquire my first apartment in Cihangir and my corporate client eagerly paid the jaw-dropping bill I sent) was another unforgettable. 1995. The beginning of my rich photographer years coincided with the ending of my first marriage, when she met someone better than me.

I am not going to lie. Yes, I did try the "it is not over until I say it is over," tactics. I did much, much worse than that. I could have easily qualified as a Dostoevsky character, if the show went on. (This is my written apology to her after decades. I confess what a sicko I have been.)

4 wild beery years and Zeynep

It all took place before the breathtaking Antalya backdrop. I was at a friend's place adjacent to hers and the date was April 1, 1995. Was it a "consequence of infinitely improbable coincidences" or was it love at first sight? Whatever it was, it started a new era for me.

I was a sought-after photographer and was making significantly more than one would expect from a photographer. Hundreds of product catalogues, a few calendars made up of solely my photos, greeting cards of corporate customers, and an expertly-managed hedonistic lifestyle without negative consequences to self... When I said I was not going to lie, that was limited to the previous section only. This section would be complete only without lying and I would like to exercise my right to leave this section incomplete. After all, there may be wrong readers, eh?

This period included frequent round-trips to Antalya, nightly round-trips to Beyoglu bars, a bunch of buddy-buddies no less sicko than I am, my new 5 series BMW, and everything else that automatically comes with these credentials... Each of those 4 years "was a very good year", as Ervin Drake put.

Marriage Finale

Zeynep relocated to Istanbul, leaving everything she worked for behind. Then Santorini must have played the final trick: we married in 1999.

Make no mistake, I did not cease to be a sicko suddenly. I diverted my energy into writing. The 4 crime fiction novels I simultaneously wrote were published between 1999 - 2001. There was no line-up to buy them and I did not make a single penny. However, writing itself was a big fun and to see new people quote from my books even today - some 20 years later - is fascinating.
On the other hand, digital photography I never took seriously was quickly becoming a threat to our business and I was getting fewer and fewer assignments at my astronomical prices. Our income statement was not sparkling like a diamond anymore, the least to say. As a frugality expert, I said to Zeynep that we could do all right until we die, if we just wisely invested even if we earned nothing anymore. In fact, thanks to the 1999 earthquake and the financial collapse of the Turkish economy in 2001, property prices were at rock-bottom levels. That was when and how the number of houses I owned in Cihangir reached 4.

Despite this successfully-working investment plan, our projected wealth (which has never taken an Ege-to-be-born into account) was to be updated dramatically downwards. (To the attention of non-Turkish readers: there ain't no child benefit or the like over there and raising one child properly, is bloody expensive.)


I was the one to first see the newborn baby once I wanted aborted and had no clue that Ege would quickly become my everything. Yes, we redefined all priorities after he was born. However, his hospitalisation on a December day in 2004, redefined my whole life. I was eager to make any deal with any devil so that Ege would survive the meningitis. If you are reading this today, it means that he, and consequently I survived that meningitis. Don't know which devil allowed me to live, but I will always respectfully remember the 2 super doctors (Pediatrician Nuri ÖZER and Pediatrician Meral TANAKOL) we owe our lives to.

We were happily living in two of our Cihangir apartments, were making new friends with toddlers, and were breathing the best cultural atmosphere in the country. Alas, that proved to be an unsustainable happiness.

No one can say we did not try to stay in our home town: the kindergarten fees waked us up in late 2005. There were many schooling options for Ege, ranging from we paying nothing and him getting nothing, to we paying a fortune and him getting what they call "standard" in developed countries. We chose the none of the above option. The idea of Canada, one of the few countries that accepts immigrants based on a point system, emerged.

The application process was a full time job and waiting for the approval was another. Language exams, notaries, certified translations... Researching, waiting, ups and downs. Towards the end of the never-ending process, I discovered there was such a thing as French Immersion in Ontario and decided that should be the schooling system one should send his child to. No regrets.


Et nous voilà. I hereby attest that I have not forgotten even one single second of our first day. Well, that day was all about Ege's enrollment to one of the highest ranking French immersion schools (Louis-Honoré Fréchette) I discovered before we arrived and the mission was successfully accomplished. Thornhill would be the setting for our upcoming permanent resident years.

Among puzzling details were intersections and bloody dangerous left turns, authorising third parties to withdraw money from your bank account rather than authorising your bank to pay them, never getting a rejection notification from anywhere as the guys here do not reply to inform about the negative decisions at all... On the other hand, politeness, peacefulness, and a government not as the public enemy number 1, were factors that made us admire Canada. This country too has its own unique culture and some downsides, the culture just takes time to adapt and the downsides are not comparable to the daily calamities everyone faces in Turkey.

September 2010. Admittedly, I was thinking web development was dragging and dropping elements and the colleges were teaching how to use various software to do just that, when I went back to school. That was a graduate study at Humber College, not intended for beginners. When I discovered the majority of my classmates were computer engineers, it was too late. "How to write software", was definitely no "how to use software" matter. What was worse was that, when those traumatic 3 semesters were over in August 2011, I was hardly a web developer. I went ahead and redesigned this website then, anyway. The version 3 was live online and that was pretty much what I could accomplish one graduate certificate later.

Zeynep's admission to the Registered Nursing programme of York University triggered another relocation the next year. Barrie would be our designated smalltown where we would stay during her studies, as the programme was a collaborative study with a college there. No French immersion programme in Barrie? No problem. Ege was successfully admitted to the only French board school in which the language of instruction would be French and I could not be happier. Barrie would make another first in our lives by the rental detached house it offered us.
And then I re-returned to school, Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, to really learn the topics I attempted to learn at Humber. This time it worked: thanks to the 27 courses I took there, I could become a true web developer. The faculty were exceptionally student-friendly and knowledgeable, the curriculum was well-designed, and the setting was - literally - cool.

The 2014 summer internship I could find in Gatineau at a federal government department, thanks to Scott McCRINDLE at Georgian College, the endearing coordinator of the web development programme, would mark another major milestone. I kept travelling between Barrie and Gatineau for casual government jobs, until we decided to move to Gatineau.

What one word I would say about Barrie? Peaceful.

Gatineau, Québec, acquisition of our first home in Canada, 2016

Given the job opportunities I would have access to at the federal government, Zeynep being an Ontario nurse, and the impossibility of getting a mortgage without a job in Ontario, Gatineau appeared as the only viable option. The house hunting that involved multiple roundtrips between Barrie and Gatineau was an exciting adventure. We fell in love with this old-fashioned detached house the moment we saw it and called it home. As for Ege, not just the language of instruction, but the entire life would be in French this time, when he had to transfer to the local high school at grade 9. The next year, Ege would be admitted to the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme at l'École Polyvalente Le Carrefour and would graduate from there in 2019.
Truth be told, entering the job market in Canada as a skilled employee is far from being a piece of cake. Having completed programme after programme in my 50s with already a degree and having spent almost the entire sum that came from the sales of 3 apartments in Istanbul, we were running out of cards to play and were about to be in red. Was about time when Zeynep found her first job in Kingston in 2018, where she would keep working while this bio was being written.

I was able to find a permanent position at Shared Services Canada in 2019, after a few more casuals. I started to do what I am exactly still doing now: WCAG testing.

What one word I would say about SSC? Wonderful.

Kingston, Ontario, our second home in Canada, 2020

The COVID phenomenon marked the beginning of the "working from home" era. It was March 2020 and I, along with all my colleagues, was sent home on one Friday the 13th for 2 weeks to wait for the pandemic to end. COVID would simply refuse to go away. Zeynep was renting an apartment while working in Kingston for 2 long years. We were here and there, frequently on the road. I was as free as the birds and could relocate anywhere in Canada, after having been granted the working from home status permanently. Since we knew being a good tenant hardly improved anyone's wealth and considering the historical lows in mortgage rates, we decided to buy a second house in Kingston. The plan was making Kingston our permanent address.
Web accessibility did attract my attention and as an obsessive person, I was deeply indulged with it in time. Proudly obtained the Web Accessibility Specialist certification from IAAP in November 2021, at the age of 62.


Zeynep TEKDONER working at a hospital | 2018
Zeynep TEKDONER at work, 2018

Zeynep's Credentials

Zeynep Tekdoner's licence to practise nursing in New York Zeynep Tekdoner's university degree in nursing Zeynep Tekdoner's Ontario College Certificate Zeynep Tekdoner's Ontario Scholar Award Zeynep Tekdoner's Japanese Language Course Certificate Zeynep Tekdoner's Vocational school diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management

Languages: Turkish and English, plus Japanese at elementary level.

Registered Nurse @ New York

New York State-licensed Registered Professional Nurse | Former Flight Attendant | Mother

Mountainous Artvin

Zeynep was born in 1969, in one of the small towns of Artvin: the northeasternmost Turkish city near to Caucasia.

Money was scarce, electricity was still to come; but, crime was non-existent and prosperity was quantified by the number of books read. Her snowy childhood memories – which are as remote as Artvin is from anywhere – are made up of comforting sheep, a dog, series of books, deep forest, and then the deeper impact of the infamous 1980 military coup.

Istanbul Act 1 Scene 1

When Zeynep was at grade 8, her parents and she relocated to Istanbul in the early 1980s in order to flee their hometown that was made uninhabitable by the 1980 junta. She spent her high school (Vehbi Koè Lisesi) years in an advanced maths class with a sea view and had her share of broken dreams in that huge, old Byzantine town. Being mesmerised by the inaccessible, yet very close Ottoman mansions on both European and Asian shores of the Bosphorus; waiting for the infrequently-arriving, overcrowded bus to and from home and school; confronting and hugging each of her 5 siblings every day and night...

High school was over towards the end of 1980s and she made her first attempt to establish an independent life.

Early Adulthood and College

As a born service-centred person, Zeynep enrolled in the Tourism and Hotel Management programme at Uludağ University. Her campus was in Balıkesir: the central municipality of the popular resorts in the northern Aegean shores of Turkey. Her souvenirs included playing basketball, cohabitation with schoolmates, parties, internships at hotels, and facing the loss of her endearing father to cancer.

Her First Time Abroad

Right after her graduation in 1991, she realised English language knowledge was gradually becoming a prerequisite for survival.
A few months later, she was working as an au-pair in Letchmore Heath, England. She still remembers each and every day of that sojourn in England, dominated by the reminiscences of one failed love affair and the resounding images of the Jewish host family's enormous support, which all ended in 1993.

The lifestyle she witnessed and became a part of there, would shape her perspective permanently.

An Involuntary Homecoming

When she was back in Turkey, she was determined to expatriate herself.

Istanbul Act 1 Scene 2 would be a brief scene, as the only choice available to Zeynep was to live with her mother and siblings, which no one would consider a dream life.
The actress deviated from the playscript then and there. She quitted her peanut-paying secretary position at Deloitte and Touche, which she got thanks to the British accent she adopted in England, and left parental home to become the architect of her own life.

Standing on Her Own Feet

There was the breathtaking view of Antalya in the backdrop, the setting was Zeynep's first unshared home, and the date was April 1, 1995.
Having had just completed the training period, she had her first flight (as a Flight Attendant at SunExpress) scheduled for the next morning. That was the night she would meet her future soulmate from Istanbul, that is me, as a consequence of infinitely improbable coincidences.

4 frantic Antalya years marked our frequently restarting relationship. Countless travels between Istanbul and Antalya, 3 New Year's Eve celebrations, a vacation in Poland, and of course, the redefinition of obsession... When she relocated to Istanbul and faced the truth, we decided to separate for the nth time.

Istanbul Act 2 Scene 1

But honeymooned in Santorini instead.

1999, Cihangir, Istanbul.
Zeynep initially tried another airliner as a Flight Attendant. However, air-hostessing was no big fun and the small photography company we owned was performing excellently. We thought running it together could be a better choice. She joined the production team, leaving the Flight Attendant position for good.
Home improvement, purchasing collectibles, night outs, and Beyoğlu were the keywords. The photography business was lucrative and money was pouring in, until it was not: someone introduced the digital photography and I was not expecting this. But who cares? I estimated we could live on our existing wealth, ceteris paribus.

And when the very unplanned happened, the entire script required a rewrite. The unannounced fetus Ege was successfully hiding himself not to be discovered until his 4th month. "Ceteris paribus" thus collapsed.

The Hedonistic Couple Evolves into Helicopter Parents

She became a full-time devoted mother, who often did overtime work. Ege reciprocated by being too perfect to be true and quartier Cihangir – with the overrepresentation of writers, directors, and the other celebrity – was more than inspiring even for the married-with-children.

New friends with toddlers at park, privileged children being raised in the middle of everything, rapidly improving economy of Istanbul, a highly intellectual atmosphere, Japanese language classes: Zeynep did consider this a dream life.
But the astronomical kindergarten fees that never existed before were certainly not a part of the dream. In 2005, a simple calculation of the cost of raising a child who would be proficient in at least one foreign language, sounded the alarm. Moreover, despite the economic growth the country achieved, the cultural habitat was gradually being transformed into another type of environment: a political climate change we never foresaw.

We applied to Canada under the federal skilled worker category in 2006 and started packing our belongings up in 2007, making Canada our main course at dinners.

When she took that ride to Ataturk airport in November 2008, Zeynep knew full well that it was not one of her usual flights at all. We left Istanbul once and for all.
End of act 2 scene 2.

Expatriation as Dreamt of Before

New setting: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.
In 2009 and 2010, she was back at high school (Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning). Amicable Jewish-Russian Community Centre, Promenade Circle, snow white snow, VIVA transport, next-door neighbours who would become permanent family friends in time, and loads of civilisation became her vivid memories. (How traffic flowed in Ontario, was difficult to grasp though.)
2011 was about her Pre-Health studies at Seneca College. When she went there just to learn some more English, she was neither expecting to graduate with honours nor to be one of the very few among her classmates to be admitted to the highly competitive Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme.

Barrie, Ontario

We relocated to yet another rental house in Barrie in 2012 in order that Zeynep could do the first 2 years of her nursing studies that were collaboratively held by Georgian College and York University. Detached house experience, acquisition of Canadian citizenship, even whiter but absolutely bulkier snow that necessitates shovelling like mad, numerous exams, studying boxes of books, working part-time as a PSW at Coleman Care Centre, the arrival of JJ-the-dog, unique frustrations, and new sets of hopes... That was the list of first-evers there.

We were living in Barrie for one reason: Zeynep's studies. When she graduated on August 2016, that reason was nullified. The never-ending tenantship in Canada was begging for an ending already.

Settling in the National Capital Region

When the U-haul truck from Barrie parked at the driveway of our own home in Gatineau, on December 2016, Zeynep was on cloud nine, as there would be no more outgoing U-haul trucks.
The milestones of 2017 were the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse) exam, and daily dog walks while making local friends.

The Gatineau - Kingston corridor

She lived both in Gatineau and Kingston and saved lives in Kingston at a large hospital, since January 2018. First we rented an apartment in Kingston, then we bought a detached house there. She travelled between the 2 towns perhaps more than a hundred times. The corridor is now closing, as she no longer works in Kingston. She resigned from the Ontario regulatory body in 2022 to become a registered nurse in New York State. Farewell to Ontario hospitals. We are now questioning a few decisions we took.


Derya Ege TEKDONER CEGEP graduation ceremony
Derya Ege TEKDONER | Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf | Montreal | 2022

Ege's Credentials

Ege Tekdoner's CEGEP Diploma
Ege Tekdoner's high school Diploma
Ege Tekdoner's Certificate of participation | HTML - CSS
Ege Tekdoner's Elementary School Diploma
Ege Tekdoner's Senior Kindergarten Diploma
Ege Tekdoner's Junior Kindergarten Diploma

Languages: English, French, and Turkish

Business Management Student @ HEC Montréal

Néo-Montréalais | Former Teenager

Ege arrived in Toronto from Istanbul at the age of 6, started grade 1 at Louis-Honoré Fréchette in 2008.

He was transferred to l'école élémentaire La Source in 2012 at grade 5 and has graduated from there at grade 6. Remained a straight-A student until grade 9 while he lived in Barrie.

He moved to Gatineau, QC, by the end of 2016. Having studied in the middle years programme of International Baccalaureate at l'école Polyvalente Le Carrefour until 2018, he went to Montréal to complete his CEGEP studies at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf.

The CEGEP era ended in the summer of 2022 and his new life started at HEC Montréal, business school, in September 2023, after one engineering year at Polytechnique Montréal.

His personal website has been archived but still provides very detailed information about his recent past, including report cards.


Portrait of the Border Collie JJ TEKDONER
JJ TEKDONER | Barrie | 2016

JJ's Credentials

JJ Tekdoner's training certificate

Understands English, Turkish, and French words

Our lovely dog @ Gatineau & Kingston

Overfriendly Border Collie

JJ was born in 2015, in Bancroft, Ontario.

Okay, he was supposed to be Ege's, but became his mommy Zeynep's dog. Moved to our home in Barrie 2 months later where he received his training at Pet Smart. Never barks, is capable of staying at home all alone without chewing a single thing, and has harmed nothing in his life. Runs when he sees a rabbit, to the other direction. Knows all neighbours one by one, especially those who give the treats. JJ may not be considered a "slim dog" and is not exactly a hard working one, but he is even softer than a cat.

Lives in Gatineau and Kingston.

About the entity: Studio Gri Fare

Studio Gri Fare
Entrance of Studio Gri Fare, Cihangir, Istanbul. Last captured in 2008

Our former photography studio @ Istanbul, Turkey

Commercial Photography Studio | Former Workplace

Studio Gri Fare was officially incorporated as a small business in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1993. The scope of its business was mainly product photography. Its very first corporate client billed was Vitra, Eczacibasi.

Tens of thousands of film-based photographs in 3 different formats (35mm, 6X7cm and 4X5inch) were taken under its roof. It contributed to some 100 brochures and books, sold about 500,000 postcards and 5,000 posters while in business.

It closed its doors officially in 2008 at the very same spot displayed on the left, a few months before the owner family emigrated to Canada.

Its cyber doors are still open as you can see and it will be on the Internet as long as one of us maintains this website.

About the website (Formerly grifare dot info)

Screenshot of grifare website in July 2008
Version 2.0 of grifare website in July 2008, screenshot

Screenshot of grifare website in September 2012
Version 3.0 of grifare website in September 2012, screenshot

Screenshot of grifare website in January 2016
Version 4.0 of grifare website in January 2016, screenshot

Our family website @

Family Website | Version History

Version 1.0 (2005), the very first design, was launched as a "1-page catalogue", which was merely made up of merged images with embedded textual content. That was Armagan's first rencontre with the digital world he did not believe in until then. Unfortunately, no screenshot of that is available today.

Version 2.0 (2007), the second major design, was the first real website Armagan worked out, using Macromedia Dreamweaver's "design view" functionality that allowed dragging-and-dropping. It was before our arrival in Canada and that was all Armagan knew about web design.

Version 3.0 (2012), was created after Armagan graduated from Humber College, using the then-trendy techniques. As a matter of fact, Armagan went to that college to be able to redesign this website better.

Version 4.0 (January 2016) is the current design, 25 additional coding courses at Georgian College later.

Version 4.1 (January 2020) accessibility codes added.

Version 4.2 (February 2021) dot info top-level domain has been transferred to dot ca top domain.

Where they are

Us, in front of our home in Gatineau
Armagan, Ege, Zeynep, and JJ | Home in Gatineau | November 2018

Our home @ Gatineau

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